Bounty Killer wants to “destroy” Mavado and he recorded “Kill & Destroy” for him to stress that point.

This is actually the second diss track Bounty released against his former mentee.

Here are a few lyrics from “Kill & Destroy”…

Bout a you a the man/Wa kinda a man mussi the informer one/Carry artist name go embassy seh dem no fi get no visa/Yo can galang to married to uncle sam/P***y hole, warlord drop the bomb/In a Gully blood mi ready fi wash mi hand/Cry like a b***h, swim like a fish Yo seh yo rich but listen this A killer meck yo hold yo first 20 grand"


BONUS: Busy Signal also cosigns Bounty Killer and released “Tek Cover” to shade Mavado as well.

SALUTE: UrbandIslandz