DJ Self is back with a brand new exclusive video filmed during his Midnite Mixs.

For the first few minutes of this video, you’ll learn about a new southern group, We Are Toonz. They created a song titled “Drop That Nae Nae.”

After that spotlight, Rico Love steps in to discuss his EP, Discrete Luxury and the slow grind to fame.

“I want people to do what I do because they love it. it’ll ruin the game if a bunch of dudes is out here tryna write songs to get a check. Which is what’s really going on for a while now. but I think the substance is coming back to music in general.” Rico began to explain.

“I was watching, a webisode that future dropped the other day. He said something so real. He said that I’ve been grinding for ten years before I got to this point and I’m still grinding and working. You got people out here and move away from they house and try to hustle for two months and be frustrated and ready to give up. Ready to tweet me every day about why I ain’t helping them. It’s so much work that goes into it. before you get an opportunity to get one meeting you had to sweep up a bunch of floors. Go get a bunch of coffee and sacrifice and really humble yourself and just do the work for no money. So, if you ain’t ready to do that, how you expect to be a millonare? … I ain’t doing too bad for myself financially but I work like I ain’t doing nothing. You know why? ‘Cause I had nothing. I struggled and I loved it. I appreciated that grind.”

Check out the video for both interviews: