Female rap is about to get a lot more interesting with the return of a Bronx native, Remy Ma. Remy served a six year bid after shooting one of her female friends, Makeda Barnes-Joseph. The shooting happened after Makeda allegedly stole a couple of stacks from Remy’s purse. Remy Ma’s camp is gearing up for her to come home this summer; August 31.

The streets are buzzing with excitement and curiosity as to what this return will mean for music. A picture hit the internet of Remy wearing a crown overlooking the city with the words “The Ruler Is Back” written across her back.

This started an internet frenzy with fans reposting the photo with word of support and excitement using the hashtag #TheRulerIsBack . She is expected to be welcomed back to plenty of love.

Papoose, her husband, describes her prison release will be the one of the happiest days of his life.

"That's going to be a very special day for me," said Papoose, to the NY Daily News. "They say I never smile, but they going to see me with a Kool Aid smile that day…I want to take her out to eat. We going to go over there (Tao) and have a good meal."

Nicki Minja is also excited for Remy’s return and is looking forward to cooking up a hit in the studio with the Grammy-Nominated MC. "That would make me very happy; that would be very exciting," Nicki said in a recent interview. "As soon as she gets out, Rem, holler me."

We all can’t wait to see what Remy Ma will bring to the rap game.

Photo credit: YouTube 

Inspired by: @DJProStyle Written by: @Tamira___