They say that reality TV is a couple worse nightmare, which seems to be true for reality TV star, Draya and football player boyfriend Orlando. Back in July, Draya told reporters that breakup rumors were false and that her and Orlando were "damn near married."

Well this time, thing are 100 percent official. Both parties took to Instagram to make things clear to the world that they are no longer together. Draya blamed him for the breakup calming that the reason for things ended was not her fault.

"I'd rather focus on my career and family than a relationship at a time," Draya wrote in a photo message."I did my best to make things work. i'm not the one who failed."

Orlando seemed a little bitter about things and threw shade at Draya. 

"This could be us," was the caption of an image with a black background. "Exactly nothing."

Draya kept her post up while Orlando deleted his moments after posting it. Things could get real ugly real soon. We wonder if the breakup is going to be captured on Basketball Wives LA...


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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