A member of the Cannon/Carey family has finally decided to address the divorce rumors between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Mariah's father-in-law, James Cannon, told news sources that Nick is to blame for their marriage issue, but insisted that the root of the problems have nothing to do with infidelity.

“The only thing I can say is that sometimes marriages break down because of cheating or beating, but that’s not this case. Were temptations ever there with other women? Not for Nick, he genuinely loved the married life. But did that stop other women coming to him? Probably not. I know Nick tries really hard to stay focused and would say: ‘I’m with the most outstanding, gorgeous woman. I’ve hit the jackpot so why would I be with someone else?’”

James said he has high expectations for his son and his wife and expected them to be the next power couple like Jay Z and Beyonce. He then went on to refer to Carey as "an angle" and said Nick should have focused on his wife's career more. 

"If Nick could have somehow ran her business or worked in conjunction with her they would have been such a power couple in Hollywood,” the concerned father said. “It’s difficult, but look at Beyonce and Jay Z… If that means Nick needed to step aside from his business and taken a lead on Mariah’s work then I think it would have pushed them on a whole new level.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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