(Photo Credit: @RomeoMiller)

Happy 25th Birthday to Romeo Miller ! .. Rapper, actor, more ..

He celebrates pre- birthday with family. Also check out a few photos of the young star, as well his old school music videos when he was called "Lil Romeo" and features in movies such: as Honey, Jumping The Broom and more. 

Check out Romeo below:

Caption: "So can u tell that these guys 😳surprised me while I took them to dinner? Definitely forgot that it was my bday in a hr and was definitely confused to why the whole damn Cheesecake Factory staff was at my table lol. Big brother love you guys❤ ♌ #AnotherEarlyBdaySurprise #MerMerAndPrincessInty #FamBam"

Caption: "And I just thought I was coming over for a home cooked meal. You and your fam is the best Jess! Me and my body guard loved the cake 🍰 #EarlyBdayLove #Romeeverything #FelizCumpleaños"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Salute: @RomeoMiller

Photo Credit: Getty Images Salute: @RomeoMiller