The sale of the LA Clippers might not take as long as originally thought. According to ESPN, Donald Sterling has given his wife Shelly Sterling control of the team, and she will be the one negotiating the forced sale of the team. It was originally thought that the Sterling family would fight the NBA, who wants them to sell the team after Donald's racist remarks caused him to be fined and banned for life from the NBA. 

Things are still not set in stone. The NBA has yet to approve the transfer of power to Shelly and negotiation is on going. The two main sticking points is probably whether or not she wants to sell the team quickly, and how much of the team she wants to sell. In addition to her husbands share of the team, she herself owned 25% of the team. Players such as Lebron James has come out and said the players don't want any Sterling to own the team once the sale happens. 

Source: ESPN

PhotoCredit: GettyImages