(Photo Credit: Instagram: @ShadMoss106)

Shad Moss did a guest appearance on Nick Cannon’s “Wild n Out” .. He was placed in a position where he had to answer questions regarding Angela & Ciara bedroom skills check him out below:

His caption under his picture:

“This will be a classic! Im all about the craft. Improving and giving you pure entertainment. Im putting all my skills on display tonight! THIS SHOW WILL GO DOWN AS THE BIGGEST!!! Enjoy the jokes its all in fun! If you take things serious.. Well this aint the show for you! PS.. Yes ANG wants to ring my neck😂 but she knows me and that im goofy and this is all games. I brought my A game tonight!” Wonder what Angela had to say ?"

Photo Credit: Getty Images Inspired By: @DJProstyle Written By: @IamJasmineG, @IIIghtCuddy