The always classy, Alicia Keys has landed herself a new gig as the new face for Givenchy. She will be promoting their new fragrance, which hits stores in September 2014. Alicia describes the fragrance as a big reflection on her personality. 

“This scent is grounded, but still has a femininity that is very earthy, and I love that,” said the R&B diva.

Despite this being her first venture into the cosmic/beauty world, she had very strong opinion on the industry and how she can bring something new to the scene. 

See what Alicia Keys had to say about beauty to WWD.

“It seems that only one type of beauty is seen as beautiful. I think it’s very important that we stretch that concept and the way that it’s viewed.


"There’s no way in the world that we’re all a size 2, and people beat themselves up if they’re not small enough or light enough or dark enough or skinny enough.

Look out for her new fragrance, Dahlia Divine!

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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