Rumors have been going around all week that reality's favorite couple Stevie J and Joseline have officially broke things off. Stevie J has been dropping hints on twitter, telling fans that he doesn't have a Puerto Rican Princess (Which is Joesline's self-given name.) He also told a fan that he regrets trusting woman. In order to stop speculation, he told TMZ directly that the two are no longer a couple because SHE cheated him. Not just cheated on him with anybody, but people in the industry that Stevie worked closely with. This comes as a shock because last week our photos surfaced of the couple leaving a restaurant in L.A holding hands and very much in love. More recently, last Saturday he serenaded his wife at an Inglewood club telling the world just how much he loved her. Stevie clams that he just received undeniable news within the past two days. There hasn't been any word from Joseline yet about the break up.

Photo Credit : Getty Images Written By: @Tamira___ Inspired By: @DJclue