Irv Gotti gives Notorious B.I.G a proper birthday shout on Instagram with a photo and lengthy caption.


Happy Birthday BIG!! I remember when I 1st heard Unbelievable. I kept listening to that record. Cause he was rhyming. But not rhyming. Haha. Like the 1st line. Live from Bedford stuvesant. The livest one. Representing Bk to the fullest!! Hahaha. He was just full of flow. Made it all come together. I always like to say with Biggie and PAC. PAC was the Realest. But Biggie was the ILLEST. I always think of how the game would have been different and what would have happened with the artist that I was apart of Jay. DMX and Ja. If Biggie and PAC would be here now!! RIP BIG. You will never be forgotten. And will always have Maximum Love from our Culture. Happy Birthday!! #happybirthdaybig


Photo Credit: Power 105.1