There was a photo on Instagram from a video model with a caption that read "I think neyo is gay anyway."

Moments later, the model, Crystal Renay, posted on Twitter/Instagram that she was hacked!

Ne-Yo is aware of the drama and confronted the rumor on his personal Instagram page with Crystal by his side.


To my dearest public. We're not going to concern ourselves with the silly things JEALOUS EX URBAN MODEL MANAGERS (Apparently with HACKING abilities) choose to do now that they have so much free time in that they got FIRED. MEANWHILE shout out to MY GOOD FRIEND, CRYSTAL RENAY (the real one) Check for her STARRING (without representation) in the MONEY CANT BUY VIDEO COMING SOON!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 #YouKnowTheGameSheChoseMe #YaPantiesAreShowinBruh #🎶...AndYoN*ggaCantDoNothinForYa...🎶😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Me and CRYSTAL RENAY laughing at haters ( well one specific hater) #WeDontHaveTimeForThis #WeHaveVideosToShoot #OkNoMoreCharityShineForYou #ByeNow #MONEYCANTBUY #MuchLoveBossip