YG understands the challenges of creating a song that may cause trouble if a certain type of person sings uncensored lyrics. For this reason, he made the edited version of the hit-song, "My N****" which is now "My Hitta."

Many people heard the uncensored version first and they, specifically whites, still rap along using the n-word. For YG, having whites rapping "My n***" is not cool in his book. The problem, according to YG, is the misuse of the n-word when other races get involved in the use of the term. Bottom line, he doesn't want anyone who is white rapping that lyric of the song, even if it's at his concert.

On the flip side, YG has nothing but respect for those who fought during the civil rights movement in relation to the n-word. Years have passed and blacks have a different relationship with the n-word, in the eyes of YG.

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Written by @IAmVanessaDenis.