Wale's always one to keep it 100% real and that's exactly what he gave us in this interview.

During All-Star weekend fans went wild when they found Wale at the mall. Nearly five-thousand fans showed up and they had to close the mall because of the commotion.

Wale had to make the run because he didn't want to repeat any of his clothes that weekend. You read it correctly, Wale ran into the mall thinking that he wouldn't be seen as he copped a new shirt.

Mr. Folarin admits that rappers are vain and that's why he couldn't allow himself to be seen in an outfit twice during All-Star Weekend.

"I had already did seven events and I had planned to go to three by the time the game was. My ego wouldn't let me repeat at All-Star.

"It's the vanity that comes with being in the game. We become some vain mother***** on accident. You look up like wow; I'm really spending $100 on a white tee right now."

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