Waka Flocka isn't as shocked as everyone else when it comes to Gucci calling everyone out on Twitter. He was honest during his interview with The Breakfast Club and said that he was warned about Gucci long before things hit the fan. All in all, he only stuck around Gucci to protect is mother's investment in Gucci Mane; it wasn't about loyalty to Gucci at the end of the day.

"When I first met him a lot of people told me that [he'll use me]. He'll cross you. He crossed his mother, he crossed his brother, he crossed his cousins. When that happened [Gucci crossed me publicly], it's like you already knew it. So, I prepared for it, everybody that was "Bricksquad" in the beginning, they all signed to me.

"I ain't know it to begin with. Plus, I did that [work with Gucci] because my mother did that. So, I'm pulling extra hard, shooting whoever, fighting whatever 'cause at the end of the day, my mom eating. It ain't about Gucci, it's about my moms. I'm protecting her investment."

Watch Waka talk about the situation below: 

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