There’s a misconception lingering in the minds of many; if you have money you don’t need a degree. Swizz Beatz isn’t paying this any mind as he’s begun the process of obtaining his business degree from Harvard University.  The motivation for Swizz comes from sitting on meetings with investors and having them look at them as the “rapper friend.” Copping that degree will level the playing the field and it will also give him a chance to own something in the name of hip-hop.

“Coming from the music industry, you would see how they would treat us. they was taught to treat us this way. Being that I’m in the owners program, they teaching you as an owner to run a business. So, the illest thing my professor said was ‘make them feel like they own something and they’ll work harder for you. I’m like that’s what they do in the music industry. ‘Give him [an artist] a label deal.’ When you get the label deal it becomes a ‘we’ conversation. …

“I just got tired of the smoking mirrors. I want to be an owner for real. I want to be part of IPOs for real. I want to have veto rights. I want to have seats on the board. I want to do things for real ‘cause a lot of our industry –we got a lot of potential but we’re not really exercising it.”


Swizz Beatz With The Breakfast Club: