Slowbucks came through to The Breakfast Club to explain that he's never dropped a name despite rumors circulating that he snitched on 50 Cent.

"I feel like certain people that's buying our clothes -like you said, feel like they don't understand the difference within civil and criminal. I fee like I owe them this much to come and speak on it and let them know what's going on."

Slow became so irate that he pulled out $50k from his bag to prove that he's still getting money. 

"Matter fact, I was about to go shopping after this. I hate dealing with the traffic and I gotta come up here

"If somebody can show me papers that I snitched on him. Or you having to go pay lawyers or you having to go to jail -I'll sign my company over to you. I give you all my jewelry. Matter fact, I got fifty thousand on me right now! A little punk $50k. I was just gonna go shop. I give it to you. It's not problem. [grabs bag and pulls money out] 

"Let's not get out of hand now. I'm still who I am. Ain't nobody doing nothing. Run up!"

Do you think Slow repaired his image after this interview?

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