Angela Yee asked Rico Love to react to a comment made by Charlamagne Tha God.

The comment Charlamagne made was that Rico had questionable abilities when it comes to breaking an artist on his record label, Division 1.

Rico explained that it's been a challenge to break an artist because he's never had the chance to do it in the past.

“He said that, but let me explain. A lot of people out there, ya’ll gotta understand. When I don’t know the details of something I don’t speak on it. … I never was able to put out any artists. The people who gave me my deal, two months after I got there they were gone. So what I did was ask Universal for a release. … For somebody to say I never break artists, I never had the opportunity to do so.

Rico continues with a sports analogy.

"If you telling me that my shooting percentage if down just based upon the lay-up line, that ain’t fair. We ain’t played the game yet; I haven’t got in the game yet. … So now, the first artist that I did break is myself and we seeing that’s working out. I think I’m one-for-one so far. Tiara [Thomas] is gonna be two-for-two.”


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