The other day 50 Cent posted a photo of Rick Ross leaning in for a hug while he was on stage. 50 tried to insinuate that Ross may be on the fruity side by adding the caption that "something ain't right." 

Ross had no problem addressing the photo by saying that he does not have time to worry about something like that. 

"Was he wearing a wig?" Ross continued, "If he's not wearing a wig then I'm not interested." At the end of the day, when "donkeys do little things" it's none of Ross' concern.

Rick also said be unable to clear the air between himself and 50 Cent the same way he did with Jeezy. 

There was another dig at 50 when Rick Ross said that everyone on his team eats.

Ross left it at this: "I can make 10 million once or sell a million every year 10 times." 

Watch the full interview now:

Photos: Rick Ross With The Breakfast Club