If you're not talking about money, then don't even bother asking the Oakland rapper, Mistah F.A.B to battle rap.

Mistah F.A.B isn't against jumping back into battle rapping, but he'll only do it for the right price of fifteen racks.

"I'm actually going to jump back into [battle rapping].

"... They want me to battle Arsenal. Me and Arsenal had a show in Sweden. We sat down, we talked about it.

"He [Arsenal] had said a few things over the Internet like 'Yo, you don't want it,' and I just hit him like, 'Dude, let them hype up the battle.' ... So I said, if they want me to battle they gotta give me $15K and I'll battle him."

Mistah F.A.B also kicked a mean freestyle towards the end of the interview and it was acapella!

Check out the full interview featuring this Oakland rapper: 

Mistah F.A.B's current mixtape is Hella Ratchet...