Mac Miller's album, Watching Movies with the Sound Off drops the same day at J. Cole's Born Sinner and Kanye West's Yeezus and he landed an impressive feature. Mac managed to grab a verse from Jay Electronica.

If you know anything about Jay Electronica then you know that he's always hiding in some cut and a he's rarely makes music anymore. Yet he's still the underdog that everyone's waiting to surface and win.

Mac briefly explained that he didn't try to out rap Jay Electronica....

"It's Jay Electronica, bruh! First of all, for Jay Electronica I gave him the alley-oop." 

"It was Jay Electronica, so I didn't come with the verse that was like.. ba-da-ba-da-ba. No, but my verse was just more... I just said some things that I wanted to say."

Watch the full interview now: