Kelis visited The Breakfast Club to promote her latest album, FOOD and nothing was off limits.

For one, Kelis isn’t bothered that people who were once close to her (Pharrell or Nas) are now chilling with people like Jay Z or Beyonce. She appreciates having a “real life” and doesn’t feel jealous of others who are always striving to be out on the scene.

“No. I never liked being in them [industry circles] in the first place. I’ve got my other friends, like my real friends. I have my actual life. I have an actual life, it’s good. I’m at work and then I live my life”

There you have it, Kelis doesn't care to rub elbows with your faves because it's just "work."

Check out the full interview for additional gems.

Purchase Kelis' new album here.

Kelis with The Breakfast Club

Photo credit: Power 105.1

Written by @IamVanessaDenis.