Former NBA player turned host, John Salley, is the man known for hosting  Basketball Wives reunions. John already wrapped the filming for Basketball Wives: LA and shared a few words on Sundy Carter's black eye.

"That was a black eye too. I saw the full joint [fight]. It was straight up Draya [who punched Sundy in the eye]. Sundy's mom and sister have the video on their phones when she was being held and she slipped away and socked her in the eye. So they got who socked her [Sundy] in the eye."

Charlamagne also commented that viewers are typically hard on John as a host and asked if that bothered him. John is aware of the resistance but it's none of his concern because he's there to entertain, host and to collect a check. In John's eyes, viewers will be hard on anyone who hosts the show because they're so invested in the characters on the show.

Catch the full interview:

John Salley With The Breakfast Club