A few months ago Wale spoke to The Breakfast Club about his shock in hearing that Tiara signed with Rico when he had plans to sign her himself. According to Wale, he set up countless meetings with influential players of the entertainment industry with hopes that it would land her a record deal.

Fast-forward a few months and Tiara got a chance to tell her side of the story and she insists that Wale never expressed an interest in offering her a record deal from Wale until "Bad" was released.

"Wale did offer me a record deal, but this was after I was in negotiation with Rico [Love]. I didn't get an offer from Wale until after 'Bad' came out.

"We talked about it [the negotiation with Rico], so I don't understand why this sh** blew up so crazy."

Furthermore, Tiara made it clear that she didn't just hop on and agree to sign with Rico Love at the drop of a hat because he made the offer over a year ago. 

Tiara talks about the song "Bad" and waiting to sign with Rico below:

BONUS: Tiara said that the hook for "Bad" was inspired by her desire to remix "Some Cut" by Trillville. 

Watch the full interview here.