The Breakfast Club couldn't help but ask DJ Paul and Gangsta Boo about their relationship with Juicy J now that they're back together in a music group is called Mafia 6. Juicy J isn't part of Mafia 6 because he's a solo artist right now. 

DJ Paul didn't have any issues to call out with Juicy J, but Gangsta Boo was vocal in saying how much she does not respect him.

"I haven't seen dude [Juicy J] in years, so I just don't have no respect. I actually tried to see him one time and he tried to get me kicked out backstage in Memphis. ... How you try to remove me?

"He did [try and remove me from backstage], trust me. He don't talk about those things but that's another subject. I just don't respect him and that's that on that. No body can make me respect anybody."

Aside from that, Gangsta Boo isn't a fan of