E-40 revealed an intimate story about Biggie Smalls in his interview with The Breakfast Club. It turns out that Biggie dissed E-40 when he was asked to rate him as a rapper in an interview with a Canadian magazine circa ’94 & ‘95. The interview took place before the age of the Internet and E-40 didn’t have a clue how he found the magazine. What’s shocking is that Biggie gave E-40 a poor rating as a rapper in the magazine feature, a zero.

Long after the interview was published, E-40’s boys held Biggie up at a venue in Sacramento and they called E-40 asking him what they should do to him. E didn’t want to have anything bad happen to Biggie, so he told his boys to let him go.

Biggie apologized for the poor rating and went on to say how much he loved “Sprinkles” by E-40.

The two wound up putting the moment behind them and Biggie went on to give E-40 a shoutout in the ‘Thank You’ section of his last album.

Watch below:

E-40 exclusively shared this photo of himself, Puffy and B.I.G with Power 105.1.

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