A while back there was a slight misunderstanding between Lupe Fiasco and Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino. DJ Envy asked him about this "beef" & Donald cleared it up. Many people thought that Donald "bullied" Lupe on Twitter when he tweeted that he'd slap Lupe. 

"No, he [Lupe] came at me first. He kinda sneak-dissed me. I'm a Lupe fan to an extent. ... He sneak-dissed me when he said 'I only work with n***'."

Lupe turned down Donald's offer to work on a song and that's when Donald felt insulted.

"He [Lupe] said 'I don't work with n***'. I got what he was saying. I understood, but at the same time it was a sneak-diss. Okay, I'ma just come at you with what Chief Keef said to you a month ago." 

In other news, Donald's ready to take his talents to unknown heights now that he's been released from his NBC contract. He's currently working on a show for FX with complete creative control.