Combat Jack, Internet personality and former Entertainment Attorney, came by the breakfast Club and Diddy’s name was one of the many topics discussed.

As someone who worked closely with Diddy’s Bad Boy empire, Combat Jack, professionally known as Reggie Osse, made it clear that Diddy’s record deals were no different than his counterparts. In short, Diddy gets the bad rap because he’s black.

Charlamagne Tha God: Who are some of the client you had [as an attorney]?

Combat Jack: Roc-A-Fella, Jay Z, Dame Dash, The Hitman Producers. Derek Angelettie (Mad Rapper), Ron Lawrence, Kelly Price, Jahiem, Chico [DeBarge]. I can go on. I made a lot of money in the 90s.

Angela Yee: Did The Hitman have some pretty deals through Diddy? Because they were Diddy’s producers.

Combact Jack: You know. Diddy’s deals –not to defend Diddy, but he gets a bad rap because the deals that he had, at the time, was the same deals that was rampant throughout the entire industry. He’s accessible. He’s black. That’s my biggest problem with the industry. When a black dude does it, everybody’s gonna pile in on him and ‘he robbed me’ this and that. When a Tommy Mottola or Donnie Einer does it, nobody says nothing.

Catch a few gems from the full interview.

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