Common and Drake had a brief beef because they had a woman in common –no pun intended- Serena Williams.

The Breakfast Club asked him if he felt like Drake started a relationship with S

erena while she was still with him. Common doesn’t think that Serena cheated on him with Drake he knows that Drake dated her once they ended.

Common confronted Serena Williams about the issue after feeling like Drake was spittin’ a few sneak disses about him and it was awkward.

The discussion on her dating Drake was uncomfortable for Common because there was only so much he could do since they had already broken up.

Drake and Common addressed one another “on wax” and the beef ended there. Glad it didn’t get ugly between these two.


In the full interview below, Commons discusses repping Chicago on his new album, Nobody’s Smiling, working with Kanye, creating job opportunities in Chicago, Erykah Badu’s box and more.

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