Cam'Ron's back on the scene with new music and an upcoming webseries. Before getting into his upcoming projects with The Breakfast Club he had no problem addressing the history of his beef with Jay Z.

It started when Dame Dash did Cam a solid and brought him over to Roc-A-Fella because he had a bad situation over at Sony. When Cam got to Roc-A-Fella he made sure to play is cool because he understood that Jay and Dame had a few issues at that time.

There were a few times when he'd ask Jay Z to do a song and Jay would just look at him and nod. Eventually, Jay laced a few of Cam'Ron tracks with a verse but Cam wasn't impressed with the work and took him off the songs, namely, "Oh Boy."

Fast-forward and Cam'Ron gets offered the job to be Vice President of Roc-A-Fella by Dame Dash while Jay Z was on vacation. Dame only made Cam'Ron and offer and while Cam declined things went south with Jay from that point on.

The two made headlines more recently after Jay kicked a verse on Drake's "Pound Cake" about Cam making millions because of him. Cam responded on a song titled "Come and Talk to Me" off of his Ghetto Heaven.

Do you think it's unfair that Cam had to suffer because Jay had issues with Dame Dash?