Bridget Kelly, Jay-Z's artist, talks about clearing up the misunderstanding that surrounds her "stealing" a song from YMCMB's, Shanell.

Things are all good according to Bridget:

"I didn't steal a song. I like Shanell very much. That was a label argument, that had nothing to do with Shanell and I.

"Shanell and I actually cleared that up. It was actually pretty clear with us."

Shanell spoke to BET, back in '11, about a song she wrote that found its way onto Bridget's EP, Every Girl.

"First off, let me say this, Bridget Kelly is another female artist, she does her thing and I don't have any beef with her.

"It was the politics and the people that do business behind her that I had a problem with once I saw her EP with a song that I wrote on there that I was planning on using on my album. And then when I saw the song it had no information about who wrote or produced the record and I saw that for every other record on there so I was kind of hurt."

Bridget explains this at the 6:41 mark: