Lil Boosie is back on the music scene now that he’s out of prison readying the release of his upcoming album this summer (7/15). Staying level-headed was a challenge for Boosie when he was in jail and he told the Breakfast Blub how he “kept the faith.”

“I say ‘bout 65% [of me kept the faith while locked up]. All these charges on me and so much media on me, bad publicity. You got no charge, but you got to think what if the jurors run with what they hearing.”

Charlamagne followed up and asked if he thought they were “trying to bury him.”

“Oh yeah, they was definitely trying to bury me and throw away the key.”

BONUS FACT: Boosie’s impressed that he’s able to Facetime loved ones now. "I like to look at a woman when I talk to her" Boosie explained. "That blew my mind." Coming out the pen to this new cellphone feature made him feel like he “had been gone for 20 years.”

Check out the full interview with Boosie:

Lil Boosie With The Breakfast Club