Danny Brown, another rapper from Detroit, had a few words for Big Sean and they weren't very nice. Danny Brown said Big Sean's never in Detroit and he only visits during holidays. Big Sean's immediate reaction to the question about the comment from DJ Envy was "pish-posh."

"I called him immediately. I was like, What the f*** man?

"He said I ain't been in the D in years and all this stuff. I'm like where you get that from man? Why would I call you [Danny Brown] when I get to Detroit anyway?

"On top of that, they got murals of me in the city. I come through, I take care of people on Thanksgiving. I pay for Thanksgiving dinners in the hood. 

"I just moved my mom out the hood a few months ago. The same house I grew up in since I was a little ass boy. That's where I was going home to everytime I was in the city."

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