Today (6/24), Angie Martinez broke her silence on joining the Power 105.1 family. In this interview with The Breakfast Club, she explains that she left the competing station on amicable terms.

"It's business and people leave jobs all the time. I'm not disloyal at all. I have always been extremely loyal. I put -I don't know how many years of my life- down for that company. Even the highest of higher ups –which is when I went to make the phone call when I decided to take this amazing offer that I got. They said [executives] you’ve served this company so well [and for] so many years, I can do nothing but wish you well.

“It was no –how dare you? Why would you leave us? There was not –it was emotional and sad, Angie Martinez continued. “But nobody was angry. Nobody felt like I was doing the wrong thing. Everyone said this is the right thing for you to do for your career and your life.”

Angie Martinez also talks turning down a judging position on American Idol, why she’s never released her footage with Tupac, keeping her career change a secret and more.

PHOTOS: Angie Martinez with The Breakfast Club

Photo Credit: Power 105.1