The Breakfast Club was happy to have Ab-Soul come by the show to get them all caught on his new album, his TDE crew, how he met his girlfriend and more.

Charlamagne couldn’t wait another second before he asked Ab-Soul to explain how he bagged Yaris Sanchez.

Yaris was also present for the interview and popped in to make a few comments during the sit-down.

With everyone catching new boos  by a simple #WCW or #MCM post, it’s no surprise that Ab-Soul and Yaris met one another through Twitter.

“She actually hit me up first,” Ab-Soul gushed.

Yaris agreed and went on to say that Ab-Soul made a comment about her being a "star" and how much that melted her heart.

Shouts to Ab-Soul because rappers need love too!

Learn more about TDE’s Ab-Soul below…

PHOTOS: Ab-Soul With The Breakfast Club

Ab-Soul released a new album, These Days… and it’s available in stores and on iTunes now.

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