50 Cent's body guard supposedly attacked a man and his son at a shopping mall for trying to film 50 and his son. Cops are now conducting a criminal investigation on his bodyguard.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that 50 and his son were at the Burbank Town Center Mall when Lazzeri Frazier and his son saw 50 and wanted to video record him on their cell phone. They were told that 50's body guard came from behind and took Frazier's phone out of his hands. Frazier confronted the bodyguard and the body guard then supposedly shoved Frazier away. 

They then began fighting until Frazier's 16 year old son jumped in to break up the fight. The 16 year old says the body guard punched him in the face. By the time the cops got there, the bodyguard had already left. 

50 cent refused to speak to police.


Salute: TMZ