Kevin Hart has seen all of the comments where spectators point out that he proposed to his girlfriend the same night, Atlanta Exes, the reality show of his ex-wife premiered.

Kevin Hart said he is not trying to take away from what Torrei is doing because he was just trying to make sure his GF, Eniko had a great birthday which falls on the 18th of August.

Kevin’s caption:

"I wish y'all could see my face when I read some of the comments that you guys leave....I just want to take a second to share some COMMONSENSE with you guys!!! August 18th was @neekibabyactual wasn't the day before or the day after. I will say this one more time & never repeat myself again....

"I wish my X Wife nothing but the best in life...I've moved forward with my life & have been doing so for the last 6 years. The only thing that was on my mind yesterday was making sure my lady had an amazing 30th B Day. I'm happy to say that my now FIANCÉ was blown away by the entire evening. #MissMeWithTheBullshit #KillNegaitivityWithPositivity"