Joe Budden tweeted comments that mocked the NYPD due to their man hunt last weekend. NYPD tweeted an image of Joe Budden's face and that's what prompted Joe to respond with a flurry of clever and snarky replies.

A reporter from NYC New York asked him about his recent run-ins with the law.

"It's been a frenzy," Budden said in an interview. "I was surprised at all of it, to be honest. The media circus, the witch hunt, the man hunt. Well, you guys found me rather easily. [laughs] And I'm wearing pink. Who runs wearing pink? No, I'm not on the run. Those [tweets] were antagonizing a bit. That was me being my own worst enemy but again, there is no law against tweeting. No, no I do not [plan on sending more NYPD-related tweets]. I'm fully cooperative with everything happening in New Jersey. I've turned myself in, I've been released, my lawyer's handling everything else. Whatever needs to be done to rectify the situation, I'm more than willing to comply."