Yo Gotti is currently on the Drake vs. Wayne tour and he told me how influential Birdman, Slim and the entire Cash Money camp has been in his rap career.

 “A lot of people don’t know that –I feel like, Birdman and Slim and the whole Wayne camp was a big part of me leaving the streets. I met them years and years and years ago when I was still in the streets. They was the first people that brought me around them. I [was] prolly about 18 or 19 [when I met them]. that was like seven, eight maybe 10 years ago. Being around them –I learned so much game. I was able to see how serious they take they bidness [sic].  No matter how much money you see they got and all that, they still out working. The normal artist is outworking you day to day so I learned that from them.

Gotti continues to explain the background of his work ethic.

“To me, I can’t let nobody that far ahead of me out work me. He just liked my hustle. He was like I’ma give you a pipeline. An opportunity Universal gave me. I’ma give you a label situation, a label deal. You go find artist, f** Cash Money and if we like ‘em we do bidness [sic]. He gave me a check. He gave me an opportunity.”

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