Columbus Short told the judge that he was not running from his domestic violence trial out of disrespect. According to Columbus Short, his recent trip to Barbados, a trip that angered the judge when he miss his court date, was to help HIV victims.

Centric TV reports that Columbus Short made these comments:

"I apologize sincerely for missing court. I literally went to Barbados for an HIV charity. I was between a rock and a hard place: the rock being court and the hard place being Barbados and 2,000 kids waiting for me to get there.

"I’m not disrespecting the court. I will be here for the rest of this trial.”

The judge didn’t feel too moved by Short’s admission and as kept his bails at $500K.

Short has the option of serving 45 days in jail and three years of probation or he must serve 30 days of community labor and he plans to serve the latter.

SALUTE: Centric TV 

Photo Credit:Getty Images