In a Sister 2 Sister Magazine interview, Bow Wow said that him and his ex-girlfriend, turned best friend, are going to star in their own reality show.

The show is going to be about their everyday life. Angela's portion will focus on her Fashion & Traveling and Shad's life, will focus on his daughter Shai, 106 & Park, and his personal club life. 

"I’m gonna leak it out there because, like I said, I’m a hustler: I’m gonna break the news that there’s a possibility me and Angela Simmons might have a reality show.” In the interview Bow Wow goes on to gush about his love for Angela and how she is a female version of himself" - Shad Interview from Sister 2 Sister Magazine 

Check out the cover below: 

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Written By: @IamJasmineG, @IamStephCruz, @IIIghtCuddy