So, last night I received the sweetest gift from Alicia Keys and felt compelled to share! Not only is the bracelet super cute but what it represents and supports is what makes it one of "my favorite things"  (yes, i bit that from Oprah! lol)  Seriously, I think it is the perfect gift and I bought a bunch of them for friends and family!  

xo Angie

The 100 GOOD DEEDS Bracelets are made by vulnerable women who've been trained for this work in Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, and Haiti. 

The Rules of the Game: A "good deed" means we've gone out of our way to help someone and only counts if the deed remains anonymous.

Wrap the 1GD bracelet around your wrist three times and adjust the length for comfort (by sliding the knot). Each time you do a good deed move the rubber ring one bead closer towards the 1GD button. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images