Kid Ink is killing it on the radio charts with "Main Chick" and "Show Me," and both songs feature Chris Brown and he's excited.

“Yeah, I appreciate all the love for the brand new records. 'Show Me' has been doing well. [It] reached platinum, No. 1 single and hopefully 'Main Chick' can follow up and do the same thing. … I heard my song on the radio, now I need to hear it on the radio on two stations at the same time.”


Kid Ink still plans to release a music video with Chris Brown for 'Main Chick' even though Chris Brown’s in jail. These two are still on phone calls with one another to handle business.

"The last time I talked to him was a couple of weeks ago. It was about work, video stuff. We got the 'Main Chick' single and he’s excited just as much to see all these records rise. Just as much as they do well for me, they do well for him at the same time, too. he just has his ideas and whenever I talk to him, it’s about work, ideas. Never, sad moments or downers. He’s just kind of like ‘this is the idea I had, send me this’ and back and forth. It’s cool that people can still work through those moments. I think it’s wack when artists go through things –really talented artists, go through things and stop being creative.”

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Written by @IamVanessaDenis.