On Thursday's (April 20) episode of "The Wendy Williams Show," Tiny opened up about her marriage with T.I. and why their relationship is over. 

Williams wasted no time when she started digging into Tiny about Tip's alleged new girlfriend, Bernice Burgos. "Who is this girl?" the talk show host asked with excitement. Tiny replied, "She's somebody that comes in and...you know, there's nothing to it, what he [T.I.] does, you know?"

Then, Williams asked about Tiny what type of marriage she and T.I. have. Rumors have swirled for some years now that they had an open relationship. "No, we don't have anything right now," the former Xscape singer answered. "It's not an [open marriage] agreement. No. We just were married and we did what we wanted to do."

Tiny continued about Burgos: "No. He's not even with her, first of all, and she had nothing to do with whatever was going on with us before, anyway. We were already going through whatever we were going through. She just came in the picture after I had filed for divorce."

That's when Tiny revealed the exact moment she started beefing with the model. "The only problem I had with her was...somebody made a comment about her on my page. I said what I said. She replied. That's cool, but then you come back with another video speaking about my marriage," Tiny explained. "That's a no no. And then come back with the final video singing my song, and I'm feeling like, 'OK, now you keep coming.'"

Tiny also discussed falling out with Tamar Braxton, Floyd Mayweather and more. Check out the entire interview above.