i-D magazine spoke to Charlamagne Tha God about Netflix's hit show, Orange Is The New Black and why it can't fail.

Here's what Charlamagne said about the show:

You know what’s crazy? That show can’t lose and that’s because of Netflix, you can binge watch, I watched Season One all in one go over a few days and I’ve not seen it since then. So now I’m waiting to see if Piper killed Pensatucky and the fact that you can binge watch something – I don’t have to wait 13 weeks for it to pan out. There’s really no way to kill it.

If I watch the first episode and I’m like ’Ah, it’s alright’ and then I watch the second one and I’m like ‘That was better’ and the third was just alright, by the fourth week I’m like ‘OITNB is wack this season, it ain’t as good as the first season’ and I’m going to give up by week four. My interest has gone.

But when I binge watch, I can take it all in, in its totality. It can’t lose! I’m just going to sit and watch it pretty much in two, three sittings. You could argue with a HBO show, for example, it’s a conversation every week online or at the proverbial water cooler, and so OITNB could lose conversational momentum.

But it’s the same thing with OITNB cos as you’re watching it, you’re tweeting and talking about it. We’ll see tweets about it all weekend this weekend. Whereas if it’s on every weekend, not everybody has time to sit down and do that each week. It creates a conversation, but it’s an ongoing conversation instead of a once weekly conversation. I’m telling you, Netflix and OITNB Will. Not. Lose.

Season 2 is available on Netflix -the entire season!

Photo Credit: Getty Images