Remember when Nas was accused of getting a promoter "kidnapped" in Africa? Well, that chapter is quite over for Nasir Jones because the promoter and his son are suing him for $10M!

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A  breach-of-contract lawsuit was filed in Manhattan Federal Court in December, Allocco's New York-based attorney, Bill Meeker, said.

Allocco was held in Angola on fraud charges when Nas and opening act Jeremiah Jai didn't show up for shows Allocco arranged.

Nas and Jai eventually returned the $300,000 an Angolan promoter paid the rapper through Allocco.

Meeker said he and Nas' lawyer, Jonathan Davis, were set to have an initial conference April 2, but the sides agreed to ask for an adjournment, which was granted.

The hearing requires Davis and Meeker to participate in a conference call with a judge, but the sides haven't been able nail down a new date, according to Meeker.

Davis has indicated he plans to ask the judge to dismiss the lawsuit, Meeker said. Davis couldn't be reached for comment.

Nas commented on this story back in February, and said that it was his first time working with the promoter and the business wasn't handled correctly which is what led to the show's cancellation. 

Do you guys think Nas deserves this lawsuit?

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