Gia Peppers, of Music Xclusives, interviewed Shaun Ross when he showed up for the premiere of Newsical, a Broadway play. On the fifth and self-titled studio album from Beyonce, Shaun Ross, gets major camera time as he yells at her in "Pretty Hurts." 

Shaun explains what it was like shooting the scene in "Pretty Hurts" where he had to be a mean pageant instructor.

"I've known Beyonce for about four years now through Ty Hunter [and] he's like my godfather, who's like her stylist.

"We had a relationship already, but to actually boss her around, it took like 5 or 6 times. She's like 'no, no, no. yell at me.'"

POWER FACT: Shaun is also the star in Lana Del Rey's short film, Tropico.