A video interview surfaced of Gillie Da Kid surfaced and he talks about his song "King Me." While many thought the song "King Me" was about Meek Mill it's not. In fact, Gillie says it's the farthest thing from the truth. The song's all about Gillie claiming his thrown in his hometown, Philly.

“Me and Meek ran into each other down South Street.  We busted it up for a few minutes, Meek is my youngin’ so we always going to be good. It’s competitive. Honestly, “King Me” wasn’t a diss record towards Meek Mill.  I’m pretty sure Meek know that even though the blogs took it an said it was a diss record. It wasn’t a diss.  Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do indirect diss records.”

Here's "King Me"...

You can watch the full interview below but it gets a little hard to hear him towards the middle. Turn up the volume just in case.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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