Larry King got the sexy R&B crooner, Trey Songz, to open up on a variety of topics in an exclusive web-interview.

Trey even took it back and told Larry King the details of rocking cornrows.

"I think there’s a difference between what people buy into sexually and what people will buy into musically, especially when you have a 90 percent female fan base.

"It’s interesting because I remember the times before I took my shirt off, before I gained a little weight, and before I got my abs right.

"I used to have braids, Larry. I don’t know if you know that. I had cornrows; eight straight back all the time just because I wanted braids. I had braids for 10 years. Actually from the time I was a sophomore [in high school]. In my own world [I was a sex symbol with those braids.]"

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Photo Credit: Power 105.1