The daughter of nationally known pastor, T.D Jakes, Sarah Jakes has penned a book, Lost and Found: Finding Hope in The Detours Of Life. In the book Sarah Jakes opens up about her teen pregnancy and more.

Sarah hit up Good Morning Texas to discuss the book and when she learned of her pregnancy specifically.

“When you get pregnant at that age the only thing you have to compare it is like failing a test or not turning in your homework. So you have this concept of I’m gonna get in don’t realize that your bringing a life into the world or what that means to yourself and to your family. So I did not have the courage to tell my father. My sister actually wrote a letter and told them. She was the only one wise enough to let them in on the process.”

She also explained to Good Morning Texas about T.D Jakes’ reaction of his 14-year-old daughter pregnancy.

“Obviously [he was], devastated. No one dreams that their child is gonna have a child before they’re even out of high school and so we grieved what we very much so thought my life would be and then made a decision to kind of pick up the pieces and where do we go from here.”

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